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A Book By Its Cover

There is something about books of a certain period that I find special. This book cover is for a novel from my grandmother’s youth though not owned by her. I bought it in a junk shop some twenty years ago. … Read more

The Gashlycrumb Tinies

There was a lot of fuss last week about Edward Gorey’s 88th birthday, even though he died at the age of 75. There was a Google doodle and he featured in The Guardian and the Los Angeles Times and at … Read more

Port Meadow

Dear Chris, As mentioned here are a couple or so photos and two sketchbook pages of bird images. I could write for a thousand pages about Port Meadow. I’ve been there ever since I was six years old. It floods … Read more

Hamer Man & The Stalled Ox

Dominic wanted to tell Jelly Green a short story by Saki about the man who painted cows. He couldn’t remember what it was called so, rather than walk to the public library, he searched for it on Google. Somehow “man” … Read more

Goodnight Moon

Once upon a time three bears came to The Rowley Gallery to find a picture frame. They were from a story called Goodnight Moon. They just wanted to go to sleep but they couldn’t relax until they were safely tucked … Read more

Notting Hill Books

Many of the books on my shelves were discovered in this wonderful wooden shed on Palace Gardens Terrace. On fine days there would be a table outside laid with small appetisers to tempt me inside, where I would be greeted … Read more

Organizing The Bookcase

Stop motion animation by Sean Ohlenkamp with music by Rodrigo & Gabriela.

For Evelyn Hallewell

I was reminded of this book by Bewick’s Nature Print. It was given to us by Evelyn Hallewell. She discovered The Rowley Gallery late in life and explored it via the website from her home in Scotland. We never met … Read more

A Burns Miscellany

A few days ago we received this wee pamphlet from Jonny Hannah to commemorate Scotland’s national poet. A shame it arrived just too late for Burns Night…

Bewick’s Nature Print

The Hedge Warbler or Dunnock Printed from the boxwood block engraved by Thomas Bewick for his History of British Birds, 1797