Movements And Their Images

This is good. I was looking for a film about Victor Skipp. I’d read that Candida Richardson had made a film about his home, which I wrote about in my previous post. But instead I found this. A beautifully simple essay on Linda Karshan’s drawings. I discovered her work 10 years ago in Notting Hill Books where I found a catalogue of her 2002 exhibition at Institut Valencià d’Art Modern. It’s a book that I treasure for many reasons. Now there’s a very good film to accompany it.

Frames of reference

Victor Skipp


Kettle’s Yard are presently hosting – A Lasting Legacy: The House and Collection of Victor Skipp. When he died in 2010 Victor Skipp left his estate to Kettle’s Yard. He was a writer and historian with a passion for art and philosophy. This exhibition reflects his many interests, with displays of modernist and minimalist art side by side with tribal rugs, African sculpture, Indian miniatures, folk art and vernacular architecture: a perfect complement to the existing Kettle’s Yard collection. Continue reading “Victor Skipp”

Frames of reference