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Frames of reference

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  1. Hank Frankel says:

    It is about time I finally subscribed to Chris’ blog rather than asking Paula to forward various entries to me.

  2. kieran mahon says:

    Just spent the most bucolic hour staring at those FANTASTIC Stations of the Crossing pics, which made me then dig out a book on Alberto Burri and think about all those 50s and 60s paintings where texture was so important; then I ‘followed’ your walk to Rogolone…..then I finished by listening to ‘things look great in notting hill gate‘.
    Thank you. best part of my day, today

  3. John says:

    Enjoyed reading

  4. Rachel says:

    I came here searching for Staverton Thicks (, which I so enjoyed reading (despite the dismal rain on the day you visited), I meandered on and have loved reading your finding of the landscape in the magnificent woodcuts of Howard Phipps in Win Green. Thank you.

  5. Claire Benn says:

    All totally glorious, thank you.

  6. Peter Davey says:

    the coffee mill shows up in various cubist paintings, along with the bottle, the newspaper and the pipe, all in browns and greys, reality

    with its vital edges, the sombre presence of reduced hallucinations. the coffee mill turned everything into a finely ground

    powder that jammed the most intimate gears, those of passion and grief, as well as the linear calligraphies of silhouettes and cobalt blue birds. next the coffee mill ground up representation,

    which became unintelligible and gave way to a music of spirals less given to spinning, to a memory less sharply defined, to contours

    less indebted to cezanne, to a life less still — yes, to a life that was perhaps ready for the disorder of another kind of life, another nature.

    the coffee mill became a barrel-organ. the world speeded up, people’s lives became less linear,and the crystalline waters turned cloudy.

    (Vasco Graca Moura)

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