Paco de Lucía

I’m out of the frame for a while. Whilst I’m away I’m leaving Paco in charge. This is some of the most suprising and exciting music ever invented. It’s diverting and engaging and definitely worth a look. He begins solo, then he’s joined by cajón, fingersnaps and handclaps, then voices and eventually a whole band of virtuosos, including a great flamenco dancer. The concert culminates in a dynamic duet finale with Al Di Meola. ¡Olé!

Frames of reference

B For Barcelona


This large letter B is on a rooftop in the Born district of Barcelona. Is it B for Barcelona or is it perhaps B for Born in Barcelona (that old Springsteen classic)? Or maybe it doesn’t stand for either, especially since it’s lying on its back. Maybe it’s B for Brossa, the Catalan poet, playwright and artist Joan Brossa. He liked to play around with letters and it seems to be on the roof of his theatre. We found it when we came looking for Lottie who lives nearby. We met her under the B for Beer. Continue reading “B For Barcelona”

Frames of reference

For Paco De Lucía

I heard someone on the radio say that Paco de Lucía was dead. I was shocked. Then someone else said Pablo de Lucía and I breathed a sigh of relief. But when I checked I saw that Paco had indeed died, of a heart attack on holiday in Mexico. Born December 21, 1947, died February 26, 2014, the flamenco guitar maestro gone far too soon. I witnessed an astounding concert at the Royal Albert Hall thirty years ago when he played duets with John McLaughlin. He was a force of nature, together the two of them were supernatural. He will be greatly missed. See more tributes to Paco de Lucía at BBC News.

La Barrosa – Paco de Lucía, guitar and Juan Rainrez, dancer.

Frames of reference