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A Walk To Sainsbury’s

We were in Norwich recently, staying at a hotel in the city but eager to visit the Sainsbury Centre just out of town. We were advised to take a taxi because buses were temporarily diverted. “It will take you about … Read more

A Small Retrospective

I love the Annely Juda Gallery very much. I’ve been visiting as long as I’ve lived in London and it always feels like I’m coming home. I first knew it as a small warehouse space in Tottenham Mews, next-door to … Read more

El Peine Del Viento

  El peine del viento, de Chillida At 19, Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) was a gifted athlete on his way to becoming a football legend. But brutal injury during a game pushed him out of professional sports forever. No one except … Read more

Double Figures

A small attempt to combine my love of Eduardo Chillida drawings, Magdalene Odundo ceramics and Cycladic figurines in a series of two-part works, culminating in this piece – Figure 8.  

The Depth Of Air

This is intriguing. It’s a trailer for a film about Eduardo Chillida, titled Chillida: The Depth of Air & Chillida: Lo Profundo es el Aire, but I can’t tell if the complete film has been made available. I can’t find … Read more

Chillida In Barcelona

We’d been here before, but last time was such a wonderful surprise we had to come back and show Maura. This is her beautiful photograph of Eduardo Chillida’s Topos V, hidden away in Plaça del Rei in the Gothic Quarter … Read more

B For Barcelona

This large letter B is on a rooftop in the Born district of Barcelona. Is it B for Barcelona or is it perhaps B for Born in Barcelona (that old Springsteen classic)? Or maybe it doesn’t stand for either, especially … Read more

Chillida: From Iron To Light

There’s a great little Chillida exhibition at Ordovas until the end of July. It is the first dedicated exhibition of his sculptures to take place in London for almost twenty years. It features work made in steel and in alabaster … Read more

Christie’s Magazine

The latest issue of Christie’s house magazine arrived on my desk last week. It was unexpected and a nice coincidence because there was a feature on Chillida, just as I was writing about him: Signs Of Chillida. But what was … Read more

Signs Of Chillida

Last time we visited Lottie in Toledo she showed us this sculpture by Eduardo Chillida, hidden away beneath the city walls and previously overlooked. It’s called Lugar de Encuentros V (Meeting Place V); it’s like an open hand, positioned low … Read more

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