Art & Life (& Memory)


This painting by Ben Nicholson, titled c.1930 (Cornish Port), features on the cover of Art and Life 1920-1931, the catalogue for the exhibition at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, examining the artistic partnership of Ben Nicholson and Winifred Nicholson in the 1920s and their friendship and collaboration with Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and the potter William Staite Murray. Continue reading “Art & Life (& Memory)”

Frames of reference

Winter Trees

moon tree

First there was this Christmas card from a painting by Mick Moon, made with oil paint & string on board and called simply Tree. Then I heard the three Staveley-Taylor sisters (aka The Staves) singing Winter Trees:

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Frames of reference

Cwm Idwal

This is another from the Guardian’s Eyewitness series, and it’s also another in a developing Frames of Reference series. This is Cwm Idwal, a valley in Snowdonia, and a word which seems to keep recurring, either as cwm or combe or comb. See earlier posts Down & Round & Up & Over and Wind Comb and Combe Again. This time it’s a photograph which won the National Parks Landscape Photograph Competition by Michal Tekel and it’s what you might call sublime.

Frames of reference

Madison Square Garden

I couldn’t resist this one. It’s another from the Guardian’s Eyewitness series. Gymnast Jordyn Wieber performing on the balance beam, photographed by Timothy A Clary at Madison Square Garden, New York. It’s so perfectly framed you’d be forgiven for thinking it was done by The Rowley Gallery!

Frames of reference

The Wave

A spectacular Navajo sandstone formation, known as The Wave, at Coyote Buttes in the Arizona desert, south west United States. This place is difficult to find, there are no signposts and it is accessible only by foot. The picture is from Eyewitness, a series of often remarkable photographs on the Guardian website. I was reminded of it by Liz Somerville’s image at the end of yesterday’s post.

Frames of reference