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Otmoor: Moonlight & Myths

I was born just after WW2. My parents had moved to Noke when they married in the early 1940s. We lived in a tiny cottage totally lacking modern amenities. No electricity, water from the well and an earth loo in … Read more

Walton’s Treat

Tucked away around the back of Oxford’s Walton Street is the delightful Art Jericho gallery where a visual treat awaits the curious trek-cyclist, art-lover, flâneur, passer-by or Port Meadow pilgrim. An exhibition by Andrew Walton celebrating the Thames riverside from … Read more

Ground Work

An exhibition of paintings by Andrew Walton and poems by David Attwooll, presented by Jenny Blyth Fine Art at Art Jericho, 6 King Street, Oxford, OX2 6DF from 23 January until 23 February 2014. GROUND WORK is the product of … Read more

A Late Christmas Card

We returned to work on Monday to find this late Christmas bonus waiting for us from Andrew Walton. Not only did it bring Season’s Greetings but also news of a forthcoming exhibition.