Popular English Art


This is another of Evelyn Hallewell‘s books. It’s a celebration of vernacular art, published in 1945. It was an attempt to rehabilitate a popular culture which was seen to be endangered by classical taste and mechanical reproduction.

plates 2&3

Stone carved figure at Kilpeck Church, Herefordshire / Iron hinge from St Albans Cathedral

plates 4&5

A sampler / Staffordshire figure of Tom King, highwayman

plates 6&7

Carved brick chimneys at Leighs Priory, Essex / Oak panel carved with vine and scroll pattern

plates 8&9

Pink lustre beer or cider jug / Figure-head from HMS London

plates 10&11

Letters from a glover’s gravestone in Brightwell Baldwin churchyard, Oxon

plates 12&13

A Kent or Sussex Farm waggon / A tradesman’s delivery cart

plates 14&15

Inn sign in ironwork from the Fox Inn, Huntingdon / Trade card of the seventeenth century

plates 16&17

A Valentine / Children’s picture book: History of Simple Simon

plates 18&19

Victorian ballad: Jael Denny / A print by Richard Newton

plates 20&21

Horses on a merry-go-round / Ship in bottle

plates 22&23

Windsor chairs / A countryman’s smock

plates 24&25

Gypsy caravan / Canal barge

plates 26&27

Lace pillow with bobbins / Copperplate engraving

plates 28&29

A group of children’s toys / Punch and Judy show

plates 30&31

A group of horse brasses / Cast-iron ornament

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