In The Bleak Midwinter

A bright window packed with small beauties for these dark days, a fast-moving festive feast for the eyes. As works sell they will be replaced by more in an ongoing ever-changing pageant of delights.  Continue reading “In The Bleak Midwinter”

Frames of reference

A Wildlife Window

This month our window is home to a gathering of wildlife. There were just a few creatures here to begin with, but as the days go by and word spreads, more and more are turning up to congregate and bear witness and share the spotlight of our communal window. It’s become a wildlife refuge. Continue reading “A Wildlife Window”

Frames of reference


Albatross with plastic debris for web

Beatrice Forshall working on a picture of an albatross surrounded by plastic debris she’s collected from the beach; a salutary warning against the the proliferation of throwaway plastic in our modern-day world. It’s an image made in response to Midway: A Message From The Gyre, a film that shows the toxic consequences of too much discarded plastic in the seas. Continue reading “Albatross”

Frames of reference

The Sky At Snape


SNAP HQ, a cor-ten steel shed at Snape Maltings, nerve centre of the SNAP visual arts programme for this year’s Aldeburgh Festival, directing our gaze towards the great Suffolk sky. Continue reading “The Sky At Snape”

Frames of reference

Beetle, Crayfish & Mussel

Tansy Beetle

Two new prints just arrived from Beatrice Forshall, both drypoints printed from multiple plates in small editions and hand-coloured, which means they’re short-lived and not designed for mass production. It’s a form that suits the content, since these are images of endangered species. This tansy beetle is just a detail; for the complete picture, and Bea’s thoughts on the subject, please see below. Continue reading “Beetle, Crayfish & Mussel”

Frames of reference

Bea’s Birds

Ash tree print

On holiday last year in Cornwall we were frequent visitors to Potager, a garden & café with badminton, table tennis, hammocks and chickens. It was just up the road from where we were staying, the perfect place for afternoon tea and I’ve just discovered it’s also a great favourite of our newest artist, Bea Forshall. Although we didn’t meet her there, it almost feels like we did. It’s where our paths crossed. Continue reading “Bea’s Birds”

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