November Pots

A windowful of pots, painted pots by David Stubbs and thrown pots by Chris Keenan, cool paintings, tactile vessels, handmade studies in repetition and variation, they’re all the result of a purposeful ritual and a prolonged gaze. Reflections of the artists’ hand and eye. Look closely and you’ll see me taking the photograph with one of David’s painted pots! Continue reading “November Pots”

Frames of reference

Open Studio

Chris Keenan, potter and friend of The Rowley Gallery, is hosting an open studio along with fellow ceramicists at Vanguard Court, 36-38 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8QT. The private view is Thursday 1st December 5-8pm. Then Friday-Sunday, 2nd-4th December 11am-5pm.

Pictured here are a set of celadon and tenmoku beakers. See more of Chris’s work on his website.

Frames of reference