November Pots

A windowful of pots, painted pots by David Stubbs and thrown pots by Chris Keenan, cool paintings, tactile vessels, handmade studies in repetition and variation, they’re all the result of a purposeful ritual and a prolonged gaze. Reflections of the artists’ hand and eye. Look closely and you’ll see me taking the photograph with one of David’s painted pots!

David made a couple of paintings inspired by one of Chris’s bowls.

Chris Keenan: Celadon Bowl with Slip Writing

David Stubbs: Green Bowl

David Stubbs: Green Bowl on Pink

Chris Keenan: Range

Chris Keenan: Tenmoku Tea Set

Chris Keenan: Globe Vases

David Stubbs: Blue & Grey on Pink

David Stubbs: Dark Turquoise & Cream

David Stubbs: Blue on Pink

Chris Keenan: Celadon & Tenmoku “Clouds”

Chris Keenan: Tenmoku Rocking Bowls with Rusty Circles

David Stubbs: White & Cream

David Stubbs / Chris Keenan

Frames of reference

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