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Pin Mill

Pin Mill sits beside the River Orwell, south east of Ipswich, a pretty refuge of yachts and dinghys, where X marks the spot at the crossroads of a figure-of-eight walk.

Recent Etchings

I learned how to do etching from Bartolomeu dos Santos when I was a student at the Slade School of Fine Art in the late 1970’s. After I had graduated, no longer having easy access to a print room and … Read more

On Painting

“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realise how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” (Socrates?)

Parkland Walk

This is Finsbury Park Cycle Park on Stroud Green Road, London N4. It’s also the gateway to the Parkland Walk, a four and a half mile stretch of former railway line from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace and London’s longest … Read more

Office Building At Night

A line from one of Raymond Chandler’s thrillers inspired the start of this poem, Shelley’s Ozymandias inspired the end, and time gave me the middle, worked on through the winter and spring of 2014, taking for its model Richard Seifert’s … Read more

Wall Of Light

In 2012, Irish TV viewers were asked to choose their favourite painting. Ardal O’Hanlon chose Sean Scully’s Wall Of Light, Orange Yellow in Dublin City Art Gallery, The Hugh Lane. He got my vote.

Kind Of Red

A quintet of five new paintings by Sean Scully entitled Kind of Red, at the Timothy Taylor Gallery. This is painting as a martial art: prepare, focus, get to work; there’s a no-nonsense approach to these blocks of colour thrown … Read more

All That Other Mother Jazz

My new exhibition, All That Other Mother Jazz, starts next Tuesday, in the fair city of Portsmouth. Come along if you can. Cheers, Jonny. Jonny Hannah / The Rowley Gallery

Matisse, Scissors, Paper

We finally got to see Henri Matisse: The Cut Outs, the long awaited exhibition at Tate Modern, though perhaps a wet bank holiday Monday during half-term was not the ideal time to visit.

The Bullfinch

The bullfinch is surrounded by fragments of information describing both the natural and man-made world. There is a sense that this information has been sought, viewed and downloaded on a hand held screen. This is indicated by the excellent wireless … Read more

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