The Bullfinch

The Bullfinch 2014

The bullfinch is surrounded by fragments of information describing both the natural and man-made world. There is a sense that this information has been sought, viewed and downloaded on a hand held screen. This is indicated by the excellent wireless signal displayed in the top right hand corner.

James Read’s The Bullfinch is included in this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

See more by James Read at The Rowley Gallery.

Frames of reference

The Holly & The Ivy

Phipps xmas 2c

Our Christmas card this year at The Rowley Gallery is from a wood engraving by Howard Phipps.
I can see holly in there and ivy too so here are a couple of complementary musical offerings as well…

The first is Anonymous 4, the second is Bruce Kernow, and below are a few of the Christmas cards that were sent to us…

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Frames of reference

Blending In

Blending In

James Read brought five new paintings for display in the gallery, and then sent us a few words…

Blending In. The chameleon is presented larger than life and partially visible through layers of torn paper. Inspiration came from a bill posting site near my home in Oxford. Each new poster stands out for a day or two before blending rather beautifully into the soup of fragmented images. Continue reading “Blending In”

Frames of reference


Walton palette A

Andrew Walton kicked it off: Dear Chris, I thought you might like this palette. I came across it in my shed. I had half cleaned it some time ago and left it as it looked so nice. I have always liked the working stuff which artists use. Turner’s paint box etc. I might think of a blog posting on this, what do you think? Each of your Rowley artists could send in a photo of their paint boxes and palettes! Continue reading “Palettes”

Frames of reference

Oh Brother, Where’s Thou Art?

James Read just sent us a few images of pieces he’s made for a group show at the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford. The exhibition is titled Oh Brother, Where’s Thou Art? and features cinema inspired works by Lorraine Berkshire-Roe, Andy Roe, James Davies, James Read and Jason Brown. Continue reading “Oh Brother, Where’s Thou Art?”

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