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Walton’s Treat

Tucked away around the back of Oxford’s Walton Street is the delightful Art Jericho gallery where a visual treat awaits the curious trek-cyclist, art-lover, flâneur, passer-by or Port Meadow pilgrim. An exhibition by Andrew Walton celebrating the Thames riverside from … Read more

Deep Blue

Meanwhile Tim Cumming‘s paintings were part of a group exhibition at Sladers Yard in West Bay, Dorset, where on 18 January he performed with Three Cane Whale. The poem is Deep Blue set to three interludes from the band’s second … Read more

Ground Work

An exhibition of paintings by Andrew Walton and poems by David Attwooll, presented by Jenny Blyth Fine Art at Art Jericho, 6 King Street, Oxford, OX2 6DF from 23 January until 23 February 2014. GROUND WORK is the product of … Read more

Rue Des Roues

This is the Street of Wheels in L’Isle sur la Sorgue, Provence, France. The town once had seventy waterwheels, all powered by the Sorgue river, driving mills for grinding grain, making paper and weaving silk. Nowadays the river turns fourteen … Read more

Unchopping A Tree

This clumsily carved seat is all that remains above ground, an inelegant memorial to our tree-of-heaven, but maybe the perfect place to sit and read…

A Line Of Dylan Thomas

This morning the washing line reminded me of Dylan Thomas: The force that through the green fuse dri(v)es the flower…

Gnawa Studies

The 16th Gnawa Festival in Essaouira on Morocco’s Atlantic coast is a largely free four-day celebration of the music of the Gnawa, what is perhaps the oldest trance music in the world, the root note of inner transportation and sufi … Read more

Half Way

Half Way – Port Meadow project with David Attwooll. Fog. Snow. Flood. Wind. Rain. We have been through all. It makes outside work difficult if not impossible. Pen clogs with ice. Watercolour freezes and gets spattered with rain.

The Magnet

This painting by David Hollington was for me the highlight of his recent exhibition, Apocalypse Of Love, at Lauderdale House. I suspect it is a self-portrait; he’s not drowning like Ophelia but enjoying a moment of rejuvenating hydrotherapy amongst his … Read more

The Vision Thing

What first strikes you about these Ice Age objects, suspended on transparent plastic stands in glass cases amidst crowds of 21st-century humans, is that they are absolutely tiny. The largest works are approximately the span of a man’s hand, the … Read more