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Jonny Hannah At Kensington Place

There’s a new Art Wall at Kensington Place chockablock with fruits de mer and other tasty sea flavoured morsels by Jonny Hannah. He’s entitled it What Did The Deep Sea Say? and if you’re curious to know the answer, if … Read more

Compass Update

Susie Freeman’s Compass exhibition opened last week. This is her piece Bacteriology Illustrated in the window of Art@42 late on Saturday night. It features Susie’s signature machine-knitted pocket fabric formed into a dress. The pockets contain fragments torn from the … Read more


This is a detail of Compass, a giclée print by Susie Freeman from 2012 and the inspiration and title for an exhibition of her recent work at Art@42 from 28th March.

Falling Leaves

Hojas de Papel / Falling Leaves / Installation / Handmade Paper Piece. I wasn’t sure about the title so I’ve just put it all. As a papermaker I often look at the leaves and flowers of a plant and wonder … Read more

William Morris Gallery

The William Morris Gallery is at Water House in Lloyd Park, Forest Road, Walthamstow. William Morris was fourteen when his family moved here in 1848. They had downsized from Woodford Hall where William’s playground had been Epping Forest. At Water … Read more

Freeman’s Forest

Susie Freeman brought us more work last week. This is Forest, a small collection of nuts and berries and other fruits of the forest, a kind of visual potpourri, stored in knitted pockets and displayed in an oak frame.

Selvedge Etc

Sue just finished this quilt. She’s been working at it, on and off, since 1980. It contains fragments and souvenirs from 32 years. She framed it with fabric from Ray Stitch on Essex Road. Looking for what to do next … Read more

The Stuff That Matters

Raven Row is a new gallery in Spitalfields. It is presently home to a wonderful exhibition of textile fragments, courtesy of the Centre for Social Research on Old Textiles. With little prior knowledge of the subject the beauty of the … Read more

Making Paper In Andalucia

At this time of year, when the almond blossom is in full bloom and it’s often windy my terrace gets covered with blossom and I like to incorporate it into my papermaking process.

Golden Spider Silk

I woke last Friday morning to the gentle sounds of James Naughtie and Evan Davis and the amazing story of a cape of golden cloth woven from the silk of over a million spiders. Like something worthy of Jason and … Read more