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A Room For London

A miniature houseboat on the roof of the QEH designed by Artangel for Living Architecture, an organisation set up by the philosopher Alain de Botton to build innovative holiday homes around the shores of Britain. It sounds intriguing and fun, … Read more

Get It Away

David Byrne was in town recently staying at Artangel’s A Room For London, in a boat perched on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank. Whilst he was there he made some field recordings, the result of … Read more

For Terry Frost

We just started selling a greetings card with this image, Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries, by Terry Frost. I was touched when I saw it, it was his catch phrase, he was always saying it. Sometimes he even … Read more

1937 (painting)

This was my favourite from the Mondrian & Nicholson exhibition. It is from the Courtauld Gallery’s permanent collection and very likely the inspiration for the In Parallel exhibition. There is a gentle spiralling movement to the forms in this hard-edged … Read more

In Parallel

This is a lovely exhibition. Two artists working side by side, each intent on being unique, but inevitably enjoying each other’s echoes. Mondrian||Nicholson:In Parallel at the Courtauld Gallery.

In Regents Park

We put the clocks forward last weekend for British Summer Time and it worked. Suddenly it’s summer, in March. Today the temperature was as high as 23 Centigrade in London, that’s about 75 Fahrenheit. There are no leaves on the … Read more

Elgin Blossoms

Seeing Paul Finn’s Spring Blossoms Umbria reminded me of this painting, Elgin Crescent, Spring, Cherry by Isobel Johnstone, painted from her window down by Ladbroke Grove. Something similar is happening here with the interrupted view through the branches, and the … Read more

A Wee Book Of British Folklore

The postman just brought me this little catalogue of British folk heroes compiled by Jonny Hannah. Jolie Holland shares the same initials so she can sing along – Mad Tom Of Bedlam.

Hannah Booty

We just landed a fresh consignment of linocuts and screenprints from Jonny Hannah. He brews a rich mix of fairground maritime vagabond vernacular. New additions to folk-art traditions.

Like The Clappers

A circular walk from Harlington train station to Sharpenhoe Clappers and back again. The first leg memorable for a troop of scramble-bikes echoing around the combe up to Sundon. Then onto National Trust territory protected by kissing-gates, designed to deter … Read more