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Breakfast Birds

In the time it takes to eat a bowl of porridge at the kitchen window this morning, I’ve seen a wren constantly on the hop amongst the solanum; a couple of blue tits pecking on the fence; a small flock … Read more

Mother’s Day

I’m not sure I know what this song’s about. Mostly it brings back embarrassing memories of the 1970s. But this movie redeems it. It looks like a lot of fun. So this is for my mum, my wife and my … Read more


This press release just arrived: AKT 1 | Nina Wisnia & Karolina Woolf Exhibition Dates: 23.03.12 – 26.03.12 Private View: 22.03.12 from 6-9pm Venue: 178 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL

Slightly Foxed

We just received this flyer from Howard Phipps, whose wood engraving of Thomas Hardy’s Study At Max Gate is reproduced on the cover.

Just When I Thought


Marianne Stokes

We just received this notice of a forthcoming event at The Idler Academy in Notting Hill –

Blow Rahsaan!

Now that’s what I call a pair of lungs! Rahsaan Roland Kirk at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1972. I saw him later at Ronnie Scott’s and he blew me away. He was magnificent, spirited and generous. He could take a … Read more

My Life As A Tree

Last summer on holiday in Catalonia, we visited Girona where we chanced upon this striking installation by Àlex Nogué. It occupied one room of a small municipal exhibition space, Bolit-La Rambla. It consisted of 28 sheets of paper with ink … Read more

Le Quattro Volte

I’ve just seen the most beautiful film. It’s undeniably slow but that’s not to say it isn’t action packed. There’s a lot to look at. There is no spoken dialogue as such, just a sequence of gorgeous images that make … Read more

Goat Party

On Thursday evening we had a party at The Rowley Gallery to launch Christopher Corr’s new book, The Goggle-Eyed Goats. It was published on World Book Day by Andersen Press in London and Gallimard Jeunesse in Paris. We hung the … Read more