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Mysterious Wisterias

At this time of year I always remember Lowell George and the line about ‘mysterious wisteria’ from his song 20 Million Things.

The Night Life Of Trees

Last month my daughter gave me this book of magical trees for my birthday. It’s a collection of hand-pulled screenprints on black paper, bound by hand into a gorgeous book where, according to John Berger, “the nightingale sings until morning”.

Signs Of Signs

We recently framed these two images by Pia Gazzola. Above is a digital photograph of bamboo leaves dipped in ink, moved by the wind to draw on the sheet of paper placed beneath them. Below is the drawing they produced. … Read more

Getting Dressed

This naked painting, looking a little ragged around the edges, was brought to us for framing. It is by Anna Marinova, an oil on canvas titled Model With Mirror.

A Pedantic Plaque

We made this plaque around twenty years ago. The wood was cut and shaped and painted with size and gesso and red bole, then gilded with 22 carat gold leaf and finally inscribed with a tongue twister. According to Iona … Read more

A Symmetrical Frame

A folding map of the City of London, published in 1900 by the cartographer G W Bacon & Co. We framed it with an elegant oak moulding and a French mount of acid-free boards.

A Walk From King’s Cross (With Labels)

King’s Cross station has a new concourse, enclosed by a beautiful, sculptural roof which grows from a steel trunk and spreads into a tree-like canopy of intersecting branches. They meet the ground along the semi-circular perimeter, which is a continuation … Read more

Oh Brother, Where’s Thou Art?

James Read just sent us a few images of pieces he’s made for a group show at the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford. The exhibition is titled Oh Brother, Where’s Thou Art? and features cinema inspired works by Lorraine Berkshire-Roe, … Read more


I first heard FIP a couple of years ago. My twin daughters who were students in Brighton came home with stories of illegal transmitters broadcasting this French radio station to the Sussex coast. Sadly Ofcom, the British media regulator, silenced … Read more

Cherry Street

Not very long ago I visited a colleague at his studio. I’d been there before once or twice but this time I noticed a beautifully framed photograph high up on the wall opposite his work table. It was of Django … Read more