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Portraits Of Christ

This is another book from the collection of Evelyn Hallewell. It was published in 1940 as a paperback unlike most King Penguins which were usually hardbacks. It contains examples of Penguin’s earliest attempts at colour printing.

Tic Toc Choc

More Couperin by Alexandre Tharaud in this vidéo charmant by Elise McLeod.

Les Baricades Mistérieuses

Alexandre Tharaud plays François Couperin. One explanation of his enigmatic title is suggested here.

Flicker Pictures

We’ve been selling these ‘lenticular’ cards at The Rowley Gallery for a while now. They’ve been very popular. Seen from one angle the eye is open, look again and it’s closed. Lenticular printing is a process of combining two or … Read more

Fate, Hope & Charity

Looking across Brunswick Square to the Foundling Museum, a memorial to the Foundling Hospital which was founded in 1741 by Thomas Coram to provide hospitality for London’s deserted children. Its patrons included Handel, Hogarth, Reynolds and Gainsborough. The museum’s current … Read more


This is a detail of Compass, a giclée print by Susie Freeman from 2012 and the inspiration and title for an exhibition of her recent work at Art@42 from 28th March.

Falling Leaves

Hojas de Papel / Falling Leaves / Installation / Handmade Paper Piece. I wasn’t sure about the title so I’ve just put it all. As a papermaker I often look at the leaves and flowers of a plant and wonder … Read more

A Book By Its Cover

There is something about books of a certain period that I find special. This book cover is for a novel from my grandmother’s youth though not owned by her. I bought it in a junk shop some twenty years ago. … Read more

The Posh Painting Shed

Most of my working life has been combining making paintings and prints and teaching, some of the time in Art Colleges, but mostly as a schoolteacher. A while back I read David Wiseman’s lovely post, Garden Studio. When I finished … Read more

London Is The Place For Me

Video by James Allen. Music by Lord Kitchener. London Is The Place For Me.

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