For Kai

photo: Alastair Grant

Kai arrived at The Rowley Gallery over 30 years ago, I can’t be sure of the exact date, but her name back then was Kathy. And to all who knew her in pre-Rowley days she always remained Kathy. But there was already another Cathy at The Rowley Gallery so she abbreviated her name to Ka. That was her Chinese name. But pronounced Kai, so that was how she spelt it thereafter. To avoid confusion. Continue reading “For Kai”

Frames of reference

A Cup Of Sue

Bird Cup

I first met Sue Ashworth in the mid 90s when I moved to Hove and rented space in a communal studio. She and her then partner were doing a commission for a Brighton pub. It turned out the pub owner wanted a ‘Boyle Family’ type of thing. Sue’s partner (a sculptor-cum-troubleshooter carpenter extraordinaire) asked me if I knew anything about the work of the Boyles. I said yes, their techniques for replicating 3D slices of our planet were legendary – and something of a guarded mystery. Continue reading “A Cup Of Sue”

Frames of reference

Echeveria Etc


After repeated requests and months of waiting we finally received some new work from Susan Ashworth. Good things are worth waiting for. These are rare, slow-grown paintings. I like the way their beautifully painted surfaces contrast with the crude wooden boards they’re painted on. They seem like rescued fragments of old wall paintings. Continue reading “Echeveria Etc”

Frames of reference