Echeveria Etc


After repeated requests and months of waiting we finally received some new work from Susan Ashworth. Good things are worth waiting for. These are rare, slow-grown paintings. I like the way their beautifully painted surfaces contrast with the crude wooden boards they’re painted on. They seem like rescued fragments of old wall paintings.

Lemon Wedges and Shadows

Susan also sent a few words: The lemon wedges were inspired by a day at St Ives when the tide was very low and the sand was empty except for lopsided boats and their shadows, so back in the studio I wanted to try a still-life that had a similar feel of something grounded in an open space. I painted on the old pieces of board because I like the way the texture and cracks add a sense of time to the work, as if it’s been weathered.

Lemons on Plate

Two lemon wedges

Zaki II




See Susan Ashworth’s page at The Rowley Gallery.

Frames of reference
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2 Responses to Echeveria Etc

  1. greg becker says:

    I love the way the holes and lines on the panels interact with the painted images. Very sensitively done, still life with an extra dimension.

  2. Annabel says:

    Beautiful .

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