Juicy Lucy

A tune for Mother’s Day from Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood.
This sweet video was directed by Billy Martin; he’s the drummer in the band –

The video for ‘Juicy Lucy’ features my mom, who is a former Radio City Rockette. At 81 years old, she’s still a phenomenal dancer. I’ve wanted to feature my mom somehow for a long time. She put tap shoes on me at a very young age and got me into rhythm.

Medeski Martin & Wood

Frames of reference

Secret Session

I’ve been listening to Free Magic, the new album by Medeski, Martin & Wood pretty much non-stop in my car since I got it about two months ago. I’ve tried changing it but nothing else sounds so good for driving so I keep it on repeat. I looked for a video but there’s nothing yet from the album though I did find this impromptu performance from a concert soundcheck. It’s not really typical but then no one single piece ever is with MMW, they’re just so versatile and eclectic. Enjoy!

Frames of reference