Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Returning home from a family gathering in the North West we took a detour from our usual route, and despite the dark clouds and pouring rain and the warnings of queuing traffic and closed roads we found our way over the Pennines to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It was our first visit and it was long overdue. The way was slow and wet and windy, but as we approached the sky cleared and by the time we left the sun was shining again. And in between the park was a revelation.  Continue reading “Yorkshire Sculpture Park”

Frames of reference

Juicy Lucy

A tune for Mother’s Day from Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood.
This sweet video was directed by Billy Martin; he’s the drummer in the band –

The video for ‘Juicy Lucy’ features my mom, who is a former Radio City Rockette. At 81 years old, she’s still a phenomenal dancer. I’ve wanted to feature my mom somehow for a long time. She put tap shoes on me at a very young age and got me into rhythm.

Medeski Martin & Wood

Frames of reference

Secret Session

I’ve been listening to Free Magic, the new album by Medeski, Martin & Wood pretty much non-stop in my car since I got it about two months ago. I’ve tried changing it but nothing else sounds so good for driving so I keep it on repeat. I looked for a video but there’s nothing yet from the album though I did find this impromptu performance from a concert soundcheck. It’s not really typical but then no one single piece ever is with MMW, they’re just so versatile and eclectic. Enjoy!

Frames of reference