Jenny Franklin At Kensington Place


At the beginning of April we installed ten paintings by Jenny Franklin at Kensington Place restaurant, the latest incarnation of their Art Wall series of exhibitions. There are two oil paintings on linen and eight framed watercolours on paper. Continue reading “Jenny Franklin At Kensington Place”

Frames of reference

Frenchman’s Creek

We crossed the river by ferry from Helford Passage to Helford Village. The Shipwrights Arms was tempting but we passed by determined to return there at the end of our circular walk. The pub had recently fallen on hard times and been threatened with closure until a consortium of anonymous locals from around the Lizard Peninsula bought it from the liquidators. It is presently being run by volunteers. We wish them every success. Continue reading “Frenchman’s Creek”

Frames of reference

Jenny Franklin

We have been blessed with Jenny Franklin’s magical watercolours since 2006, when Kai and I first started showing pictures at The Rowley Gallery. Shown here is Flotsam (Shells), Australia, one of a series of paintings of rock pools. Jenny’s watercolours are virtuoso technical performances. They are also revelations of the world around us, grown out of close observation, transformed and re-presented, they capture the essence of her subject. She quotes the artist poet Jean Arp, who spoke of “a secret primal meaning slumbering beneath the world of appearances”. Continue reading “Jenny Franklin”

Frames of reference