A February Window

A mixed up mishmash of pictures, but connected by a shared interest in grids of one kind or another. I cast about, wondering what to include, but there’s a surprising amount in the net. I’m stealing the limelight with one of mine from years ago, so you’ll need to step in close to see over the top of it. But it’s a moveable feast. We’ll change it around, take things out, put things in, so please keep checking for updates. Continue reading “A February Window”

Frames of reference

Portrait Of My Father


Portrait of my Father, John Douglas Piper – Photogravure prints, each from an edition of 12

Sheet size 20″ x 16″ Plate size 10.5″ x 8″

Top row: G-clamp, outside calipers, child’s trowel circa. 1969, scratch awl

Bottom row: lacquer brush, wrench, spring dividers, tailors shears

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Frames of reference