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Combe Again

Another in what has become an occasional series combining variations and combinations of combs and cwms and combes. This time we feature wood engravings by Howard Phipps. This first is Loscombe, an engraving that appeared in Anna Pavord‘s book The … Read more

Santo Spirito

Santo Spirito. Vino Liquoroso. Firenze. Spirit of the Picture Frame.

Looks Like It’s Going To Rain

Radcot & Kelmscot

I’d been curious about the Swan Hotel at Radcot for years, ever since we framed this memorable painting. In fact it doesn’t look much like its portrait at all, but it’s a good place to start from and a welcome … Read more



Kensington Palace

Our neighbours down the road at Kensington Palace just had a makeover. They recently reopened their doors to visitors after months of redecorating. The entrance hall is entrancing. It features a luminous lace light sculpture adorned with Swarovski crystals, in … Read more

Call Your Girlfriend

Danny Baker recommended this video. It’s very cute. But it seems I’m behind the times. Apparently it went viral about six months ago. It wears well, it still sounds good to me. It’s a little bit like a playground clapping … Read more

It’s Complicated

Jazmin Velasco is fascinated by all the paraphernalia of printmaking, particularly vintage presses and letterpress printing blocks. Her studio is full of all kinds of mechanical devices for producing multiple images and she loves to mix up the various techniques. … Read more

An Allotment Alphabet

Greg Becker has been documenting the triumphs and trials of a vegetable gardener by keeping a visual record, now collected into one book of educational, meditational and inspirational drawings. Greg’s book requires Adobe Flash Player. Apologies to iPad & iPhone … Read more