A Space Called Place

Kensington Place has recently been refreshed with a bright new interior. The large mural by Mark Wickham depicting a view of The Long Water in Kensington Gardens has been in place since the restaurant opened 25 years ago. It has become almost synonymous with Kensington Place. But now it is due for a holiday. In its place will be a new exhibition space and The Rowley Gallery have been asked to select the artworks for this exciting new development.

More details to follow soon. Watch this space.

Frames of reference

Weeds Of The Imagination

On seeing my book An Illustrated Allotment Alphabet people often ask ‘do you actually have an allotment?’ to which, slightly offended, I reply ‘Yes!’

But really, there is no reason why I should feel disappointed, particularly as plot 52, my allotment blog on which the book is based, has now largely become a work of fiction. Continue reading “Weeds Of The Imagination”

Frames of reference

George III Rides Away

The figure on the horse is George III riding away from Weymouth. The story goes that during a stay in the early 1800s he promised to give the town a substantial amount of money, so much that they carved a dedication in the local church with his name and a blank space for the exact amount, and gave a promise to carve a likeness on the hills rising behind the town. Unfortunately, he left leaving nothing. The locals were so angry they carved £000 after his name in the church and did indeed complete a likeness on the hills, but made it so he was riding away from the town (back to London).

Liz Somerville / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

Windsor’s Great Park

The enormous equestrian statue of George III looking down over Windsor Castle from the top of Snow Hill, pointing out incoming aeroplanes on their way to Heathrow. Continue reading “Windsor’s Great Park”

Frames of reference

Gorgeous Georgians

Jazmin Velasco brought us these gouache portrait paintings of some of her Georgian heros and heroines. She’s framed them in pressed metal frames from Mexico, frames more often used for painted votive offerings to the saints (see also Mexican Miracle Paintings). Reading left to right and top to bottom they are Duke of Wellington; George Frideric Handel; Queen Charlotte; Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire; Lord Nelson and King George III. They would make very good miniature pub signs for very good miniature pubs. Here’s a link to what Jazmin wrote when she painted them.

Frames of reference

At The Beach With Giotto (In Mind)

As a painter of beaches, when I saw the Giotto frescoes at the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua I was struck by how much parts of it resemble pools of water with angels swimming about in them. The azure of the ceiling and pale cerulean and pinky golds of the chapel walls look to me like a deep plunge pool flanked by sandy cliffs. Continue reading “At The Beach With Giotto (In Mind)”

Frames of reference