Walton palette A

Andrew Walton kicked it off: Dear Chris, I thought you might like this palette. I came across it in my shed. I had half cleaned it some time ago and left it as it looked so nice. I have always liked the working stuff which artists use. Turner’s paint box etc. I might think of a blog posting on this, what do you think? Each of your Rowley artists could send in a photo of their paint boxes and palettes! Continue reading “Palettes”

Frames of reference

Because Your Work Is Worth It?

How many times have I gone into a good gallery and seen badly presented work? Very rarely, because believe it or not, gallery owners and buyers really care about that stuff. Unfortunately I know a fair few artists who don’t. They create wonderful work but then their frames are falling apart, the mounts aren’t cut straight or the print margins are ink-smudged. Continue reading “Because Your Work Is Worth It?”

Frames of reference

The Pursuit Of Happiness

This linocut print by Gail Brodholt shows skaters at Canary Wharf Ice Rink in Docklands participating in a festive communal ritual, chasing the glide, defying the cold and celebrating one of the many and various forms of slipping and sliding collectively known as winter sports.   Their sinuous arabesques on the ice are contrasted with the checker board grids of the architecture.  It’s Brice Marden versus Sean Scully.  It’s snakes & ladders.  Tis the season to play board games.  Happy Christmas.

Frames of reference