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Maggi Hambling At Kensington Place

We are very proud to announce that The Art Wall at Kensington Place is now showing March Wave Breaking by the distinguished contemporary artist Maggi Hambling. This is one of her celebrated and continuing series of North Sea paintings, last … Read more

Christie’s Magazine

The latest issue of Christie’s house magazine arrived on my desk last week. It was unexpected and a nice coincidence because there was a feature on Chillida, just as I was writing about him: Signs Of Chillida. But what was … Read more

Boden ❤ Jelly Green

This is Jelly Green‘s delightful painting of a Marybelle Jersey cow. The original was sold some months ago but now its mirror image is available as a T shirt from Boden. Do you wear it or do you frame it? … Read more

The Great Cow Of Snape

This is one big cow. It’s a new painting by Jelly Green called Water Meadows Herd #7. It measures 6ft x 4ft and for the next six months it can be seen at Snape Maltings in Suffolk.

Jelly’s Sketchbook

Jelly Green brought us another of her richly painted cow portraits recently, then produced a Moleskine sketchbook from her bag to show that cows are not her only subjects.

Jelly Green At Kensington Place

Jelly Green‘s cows are now installed at Kensington Place. The famous mural has been put into storage to make way for a new exhibition space to be known as The Art Wall. As Dominic observed, it’s less of a mural, … Read more

Jelly Green At Kensington Place

Kensington Place have now confirmed that they will be showing three new paintings by Jelly Green from Thursday 20th September. After 25 years they are taking down their large mural to make way for a new programme of changing exhibitions. … Read more

Jelly Green At Kensington Place

Further to our previous announcement, Jelly’s exhibition at Kensington Place due to open on 7th August has now been rescheduled for September. Apologies for the delay. We’ll post more details once we know the dates. I’m sure it will be … Read more

Jelly Green At Kensington Place

Three big new paintings by Jelly Green go on show at Kensington Place from Tuesday 7th August. Their large north wall has inspired Jelly to stretch out and paint on a much larger scale than before. The cows in this … Read more

Jelly In Nepal

Jelly Green just came back from four weeks in Nepal where, as well as trekking and paragliding and early morning yoga, she also did some local cow research, making drawings and taking photographs.