The Phantom Revue

The Ghost Cat Phantom Revue (to give the full title) is an annual Darktown cabaret, part of the Cadaver Clamjamphrie, held at the Starlight Hotel, every halloween. The revue have also been known to perform around St. Within’s Day too.

The Cat People, Domino & Rufus, inspired by the great Jacques Tourneur film, will appear on stage and tell polite jokes, which the audience may or may not find amusing. Continue reading “The Phantom Revue”

Frames of reference

Jonny’s Got A Brand New Bag


After we hung Jonny Hannah‘s exhibition at Kensington Place last week I discovered a box of leftovers containing these wonderful hand painted paper carrier bags, for these popular high street retailers – Ishmael’s Stripey Top Shop, Henry Thomas Tackle & Bait Shop, Ahab’s Fish & Crinkle Cut Chip Shop, The Cullen Skink Fishmongery. We’re just missing The Kensington Plaice. Continue reading “Jonny’s Got A Brand New Bag”

Frames of reference