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Handmade Frames

Making picture frames is a hands-on experience at The Rowley Gallery. Kai has had her hands full recently. She stopped taking phone calls and buried herself in her work.

Sailing To Shanghai

This is Sailing To Shanghai, an early painting by Christopher Corr. We sold it recently to a fellow traveller who was curious to know its story, so I asked Christopher for more information. He sent us a few words and … Read more

Life Begins At 40

I recently accepted a commission via a client of The Rowley Gallery who had seen my work there. It was to celebrate the landmark 40th birthday of her husband. The commissioned piece was to be one of my Butterfly Balls … Read more

Ecological Feminism

Beatrice Forshall’s hand-coloured drypoint engravings appear in the May/June issue of Resurgence magazine, illustrating an essay by Germaine Greer on the logical path from feminist to conservationist.

The Hvalsalen

Much Hadham & Much Moore

We were welcomed to Much Hadham by a hysteria of wisteria, as though a single vine had united the genteel facades in a euphoric May bank holiday communal hug. Its root system spread throughout the village, linking the houses with … Read more

Las Meninas

Next day, our last day in Barcelona, just as we were leaving, we visited the Museu Picasso, but it was a Monday and we should’ve known better. There was another B for Barcelona by the door but it was closed, … Read more

B For Barcelona

This large letter B is on a rooftop in the Born district of Barcelona. Is it B for Barcelona or is it perhaps B for Born in Barcelona (that old Springsteen classic)? Or maybe it doesn’t stand for either, especially … Read more


Flamenco dancing was charged with sexual passion and melancholy, with the ‘duende’ of the south – “Nothing could be more antithetical to the Catalan character, or be more damaging to the severity and restraint of our race” (Josep Torras i … Read more


Choreographer: Mark Morris. Composer: Lou Harrison. Musicians: Mitchell Drury (violin), Adrienne Varner (piano). Dancers: Megan Bosaw, Ellen Cooper, Julia Cross, Erin Johnson, Deepa Liegel, Jessie Mays, Rachel Pattens, Elysia Roscoe, Emma Sanford, Caitlin Schafte, Charlotte Smith, Morgan Spencer, Elise Walker, … Read more

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