Woodland Birds


A lovely King Penguin book from 1955, donated to The Rowley Gallery library by Evelyn Hallewell. The colour plates are by Peter Shepheard and the book was a bargain at 5/-.

As well as being a beautiful picture book ‘Woodland Birds’ will lead many out to watch for themselves the inhabitants of our woods and forests.








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5 Responses to Woodland Birds

  1. Andrew Walton says:

    I love the illustrations. I would love to see a close up of the Owl on the cover. Is it a woodcut & who did it?

  2. Julia Hallewell says:

    I’ve just looked at your website, for the first time in a long while, as I’ve bought a print that had your label on the frame, and I thought I’d see what was going on and had a look at your blog. Delighted to see that the King Penguins my mother had me send you are giving you joy – she would have been thrilled! It was a lovely surprise – it’s 5 years next week since she died so she’s been in my thoughts a lot.

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