Providence: Michael Moore, alto saxophone; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Han Bennink, drums

If we’d had a bit more time I would’ve liked to visit Clusone (the città dipinta – the painted town), just 35 km northeast of Bergamo, to see its medieval frescoes and its backwards clock. It’s also home to an annual international jazz festival, where the Clusone Trio got their name. They first performed a one-off concert here in the 1980s, which worked so well they became a regular group, famous for their quirky, often humorous improvisations – with spiritual leader Han Bennink percussively playing the god Dionysus to Moore’s Pan and Reijseger’s AbelardThom Jurek.

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “Providence”

  1. Thanks for the music clip. I’ve always liked Bennink’s drumming and this is an interesting line-up. Happy New Year! David

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