Breakfast Birds

In the time it takes to eat a bowl of porridge at the kitchen window this morning, I’ve seen a wren constantly on the hop amongst the solanum; a couple of blue tits pecking on the fence; a small flock of long-tailed tits swinging through the branches of the trees; a blackbird sounding the alarm; the fleeting shadow of a bird upside down on the eaves of the shed, gone too quick to tell, about the size of a robin but upside down? No sign of the ubiquitous magpies or pigeons. Maybe that’s why there was so much activity, and the bright sun melting the frost. So much energy.

See more paintings by David Hollington at The Rowley Gallery.

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Birds”

  1. Thank-you , I love this . I don’t miss those frosty English mornings but without reading this I might have missed seeing these two beautiful paintings.

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