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Ever since my daughter saw the post about Pina Bausch she has been saying I should see the Gandinis. She saw them give a free performance of Smashed, their homage to Pina Bausch, last year in Greenwich Park. So finally … Read more

Sporting Feats

With the Olympic Games coming to town Greg Becker has been researching the often eccentric beginnings of many of the modern games that we know today. His findings are documented in these drawings which have now been published as greetings … Read more

Madison Square Garden

I couldn’t resist this one. It’s another from the Guardian’s Eyewitness series. Gymnast Jordyn Wieber performing on the balance beam, photographed by Timothy A Clary at Madison Square Garden, New York. It’s so perfectly framed you’d be forgiven for thinking … Read more

Selvedge Etc

Sue just finished this quilt. She’s been working at it, on and off, since 1980. It contains fragments and souvenirs from 32 years. She framed it with fabric from Ray Stitch on Essex Road. Looking for what to do next … Read more


Reading about the Mondrian/Nicholson show set me thinking about a small marble Figure of 1933-34 by Henry Moore which was recently sold for over a million at Sotheby’s.

A Jelly Cow

Here is a little home movie of Jelly Green painting a Charolais, one of her grandfather’s cows (hence the grandad song) from his farm at Dallinghoo, famous not only for dairy cattle but also for the Dallinghoo Treasure, a hoard … Read more

The Scream

I ventured up to Sotheby’s, New Bond Street, to see a version of The Scream by Edvard Munch (1863-1944). The version consigned to the saleroom and auction next month in New York is a pastel drawing by the artist. The … Read more

Waiting For Inspiration

When I read what Robert Newton said in his post My Work about how he can get ecstatic with excitement when his particular method of painting works, it made me think about that feeling when a painting is all of … Read more

Wind Comb

Another type of Comb. Not the hollow in the hills of Combe, sheltered from the wind, but here is a place to witness the wind. Eduardo Chillida’s Wind Comb. Three steel sculptures anchored to the rocks at the western end … Read more

A Day At The Races

It’s Grand National day and I’ve just received a surprise collection of images from Christopher Corr that he made at Goodwood last year. It seemed appropriate to show them on Frames of Reference. And it just occurs to me that … Read more

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