Ever since my daughter saw the post about Pina Bausch she has been saying I should see the Gandinis. She saw them give a free performance of Smashed, their homage to Pina Bausch, last year in Greenwich Park. So finally I did, and I was not disappointed. Here is a short promo filmed on the South Bank outside the National Theatre. They are sharp and funny and dextrous and witty and skillful. I almost want to run away to the circus and join them!

They will be appearing at the Theatre Royal, Brighton on 22 & 23 May as part of the Brighton Festival. The brochure describes the show thus – Smashed is a mesmerising mix of flawless juggling and subversive theatricality that takes as its departure point the ‘Tanztheater’ aesthetic of the late great German dance icon. In sharp suits and even sharper heels the performers act out a series of exquisitely choreographed vignettes. It soon becomes apparent that the performers are juggling more than apples and crockery, as tense relationships, hidden emotions and an underlying chaos threaten to break the spell of perfection – with shattering results!

See the Gandini Juggling website, and wonder why are they not in the Olympics?

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