Take Me To The River

Further downstream is a weir and rocky lagoons also some icy cold fresh water streams fed by underground sources

A few pictures stolen from Christopher Corr’s Instagram, pleasant reminders of the long hot summer of 2018 when the only place to keep cool was in the river.

Further up stream, river scene on a hot Tuesday

Playing in the river on a hot and sunny afternoon, 39 degrees, and the water is cooling

In the River on a hot day, cooling off in the shade and shallow water

Down by the river and 39 degrees hot : inflatables day

By the river on a hot day, a cooling breeze and chilling water

Keeping cool by the water

River scene on a hot day, canicule cooling

In the river, a breeze and a little shade

River scene on a hot and sunny day

Man with a dog in a canoe on the Cèze river

River scene monoprint

Sketchbook river scene, limestone cliffs and woods

Christopher Corr / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

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