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Rembrandt’s Frame Maker

We recently reframed Rembrandt’s Frame Maker, an engraving by John Dixon published in 1769 by John Weston, after a portrait by Rembrandt of Herman Doomer painted in 1640.

Our Heroes Are Back!

Onze Helden Zijn Terug! (Our Heroes Are Back!) is the title of this flashmob video made to celebrate the return of Rembrandt’s Night Watch to the Rijksmuseum in April 2013. It heralded the museum’s grand reopening after a ten year … Read more

I AMsterdam

We took a half-term weekend break to Amsterdam. It seemed like the city was being relaunched and rebranded/rembrandted. The Rijksmuseum reopened in April following an unprecedented 10 year renovation, the Stedelijk Museum reopened last year after a 9 year refurbishment, … Read more