The Life Breath Song

A wee film poem nature song. I found this over at Caught By The River. Kathleen Jamie asked the Scottish public to submit lines for a communal poem. She received hundreds and hundreds and knitted them together with help from the Scottish Poetry Library into three films. This is one of them.

Frames of reference

Keith Water

A small film about a small river.

I’d seen this delightful little film on Caught By The River, and when I asked Jonathan Gibbs if we might share it on Frames of Reference his reply was Yes, absolutely, great! Isabella spent all of lockdown with us, during which time she filled her bedroom with twigs, branches and other bits and pieces that you will see in the film. She made the herons out of wire and wood, and carved many small fish which swim through the film from start to finish. And then he showed me a website I’d not seen before, called Psyche. The words below are taken from their anonymous post. Continue reading “Keith Water”

Frames of reference