Francis Davison: Collages

The Redfern Gallery, 20 Cork Street, Mayfair, W1S 3HL is presently a great place to get lost. Until 9th December, it is the venue for a fabulous exhibition of collages by the late Francis Davison, a master of the art of papier collé or torn paper ‘paintings’. This is a rare chance to see such a spectacular display of his work all gathered together in one special place. Continue reading “Francis Davison: Collages”

Frames of reference

Tory Lawrence


We are very pleased to welcome Tory Lawrence to The Rowley Gallery. Five of her oil paintings are presently displayed in our window. They are captivating pictures of the countryside, direct responses to being there, walking, soaking it up. The surface of the paintings is lively and worked but never overwrought. You can smell the oil paint mixed with the smell of the fields. They feel authentic; it’s clear she has looked and absorbed and distilled a true vision. Continue reading “Tory Lawrence”

Frames of reference