Open Country

We’ve got a new window display for October – Open Country: Wood Engravings of the Wessex Downs and Coast by Howard Phipps. It’s a display that celebrates Howard’s love of the West Country and Dorset in particular. These are patiently wrought images, slow-grown evocations carved in wood and printed in exquisite detail, they always seem to capture the essential timeless spirit of each particular place depicted.

Eggardon Hill

Lewesdon Hill Beeches

Chesil Boatman

Chalk Hill Drove

Winspit Valley


Hambledon Hill in Summer

Chesil Beach

Catherine’s Barn

Houns-tout Cliff, Chapman’s Pool

This is just a small selection, there are many more in the window and more still in our print room. Please call in if you can or visit our website.

Howard Phipps / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

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