Ofili Cum Ovid

ovid windfall study

This is a giclée print from a watercolour, pastel and charcoal drawing by Chris Ofili, Study For Ovid-Windfall. In 2012 Ofili painted a huge backdrop for the Royal Opera House production of Diana & Actaeon, a collaboration between the National Gallery and the Royal Ballet and a celebration of Titian’s paintings of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Ofili immersed himself in Ovid’s shapeshifting tales of transformation. His image of windfall/waterfall/shower of gold came twice for framing.

003 (2)

004 (2)

006 (2)






The first frame was prepared with gold leaf on gesso and a plant motif inspired by an earlier Ofili painting was pricked out across the surface, in imitation of a previous frame for the same customer.




The second frame, for a second customer, was hand laid 22 carat gold leaf on gesso with a turquoise painted outer edge to echo the central waterfall image. More here and here and here.

The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

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