5 thoughts on “Hangman’s Reel”

  1. I think Aly had the right to look a little pleased with himself at the end of that!
    He sat near me on a train from Edinburgh once -he had a ‘don’t even think about talking to me’ look on his face so I didn’t -would have liked to say how much I loved the Transatlantic Sessions-he’d got on at Haymarket so I assumed he’d been at a gruelling Scottish Arts council (creative Scotland maybe it was by then) meeting. Can’t help wondering about other people’s journeys on a train!

  2. I don’t know if The Transatlantic Sessions were shown UK wide or just on BBC Scotland but you can watch them on youtube or they’re available on dvd -many hours of joyful watching awaits anyone who didn’t watch at the time! So so good for lockdown -there were 6 series

  3. Sadly I never saw Aly on a train but his fiddle playing stirred all kinds of memories – not ghoulish ones I’m glad to say but of Scottish parties long ago, when we all went wild…

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