Feliz Navidad


This year I had the honour to design the Christmas Card for Rowley Gallery. I chose to use some of the characters of a traditional Mexican pastorela, a play that recreates the biblical passage in which the shepherds are guided to Bethlehem and there are always angels, devils, sheep and funny situations. If you are in west London go and visit Rowley Gallery, it’s full of choices for your Christmas presents. The clock is ticking!


The image has some elements that you can find in a pastorela. Pastorelas are plays at Christmas time in Mexico, like some sort of Panto? I’ve never seen a panto… but anyway, there are always shepherds and sheep and devils and angels and of course baby Jesus and other animals. They are always funny. Here is a link for a better explanation: Las Pastorelas.

Jazmin Velasco / The Rowley Gallery

This post first appeared on the Chaldon Studios blog.

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