A Wonderful Web

spider 1

There’s a spider at the window in the centre of its web waiting for aphids. It has constructed the web in the perfect place, stretched like a cloche to protect the lettuce growing on the kitchen windowsill. Maybe it thinks it’s Webbs Wonderful. In fact it’s actually Red Dazzle from a Psychedelic Salad Kit. Those are Rainbow Radish growing alongside.

spider 2

When the blind is drawn the spider continues in silhouette like a shadow puppet with invisible strings.

Frames of reference
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3 Responses to A Wonderful Web

  1. What an amazing web it’s HUGE. I’ve got a big black spider which lives in a funnel down the side of the vegetable basket.

  2. greg becker says:

    it looks like the view from our kitchen window, only more nutritious (I’m referring to the lettuce not the spider). ‘A Wonderful Web’ would make a great title for an online spider web photo competition, perhaps in September, a good spider month.

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