Pitshanger Riverside - Summer acrylic 70 x 48 2013

David Wiseman brought us a couple of vibrant and dynamic new paintings and an invitation to +100 The London Group Today where he is also exhibiting. It’s a centenary celebration by present day members of the London Group.

Horner Valley, Exmoor, Summer acrylic 2013 70 x 48 a

On 15 November 1913 Jacob Epstein coined the name for The London Group, Britain’s longest running artists’ group. A hundred years later to the day, “+100 The London Group Today” opens in the capital, a unique exhibition that connects Britain’s leading contemporary artists to their historical counterparts. Each work on display is a response by a current London Group member to an early work by a past member on show in a the partner historical exhibition: “Uproar!” the first 50 years of The London Group 1913-1963, at Ben Uri Gallery.


David Wiseman / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

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