Watch This Space

We planted a Christopher Corr painting in our window and watched it grow into an exhibition. Day by day more pictures appeared and still they go on appearing. So this blogpost is a photographic record of the growth of an exhibition. I’ll update it regularly. Watch this space.

Flying Through The Clouds

Venice: The Lion, The City & The Water
(for Cees Nooteboom)

Looking At Venice From The Lido

Carpet For Sale In Marrakech

Simi, Greece

On The Beach, Sugiton Calanque

Natal Beach

Carpet Seller In Maroc

A wonderful colourful Corrful windowful

Island Life In The Aegean

It’s like Piccadilly Circus in the Rowley Gallery window.

At Brooklyn Bridge Subway Station

There’s a carnival in the Rowley Gallery window

Copacabana Beach, Rio

Hot Miami Beach

Plus six blue-framed miniatures.

Samoa Life

A joyful and spectacular window today.

A Small Forest of Tall Trees

Portrait In Gouaches

Fall In Vermont

Man & Crabs

Green Man With Oranges

Man & Grapes

Man With Yellow Green Pears

Peintures françaises dans la fenêtre

Leaping Goats in the Ardèche

Chateau at St Victor La Coste

Plus belles peintures françaises

Horses in the Cevennes

Goats in Lussan

A wet day on Kensington Church Street

but the sun continued to shine in our window

Boab Trees, Kimberley, Western Australia

Shearer & Owen in Madagascar

Guitar Players, Madagascar

A sunny day on Kensington Church Street

Houses & Trees in Satsuma Province, Japan

Cathay Pacific Flies Over Thailand

Blue & White Cow

Yak Grazing in Ladakh

Wash This Space

Tiger & Temples

Pongal Cow with Pink Horns

Little Big Cat No.3

Little Big Cat No.1

Cow Decoration in Tamil Nadu

A trio of tigers

African Leopard & Full Moon

Leopard Family in a Tree

Black Panther & Jungle Background

Mountain Lion

Two Men & Leaping Tiger

A windowful of fruit & veg

Melons For Sale In Barjac Market

A Melon From Cavaillon

Watermelon & Fruit & Veg At Barjac Market

Pumpkins & Squashes In Barjac Market

Pineapple & Fruit For Sale In Barjac Market

Fruit & Veg In Barjac Market

Rose Garlic For Sale In Barjac Market

Fruits & Cheeses For Sale In Uzès Market

The Guggenheim New York City by Day, Night and Evening

Sketches of Ronchamp by Day

Sketches of Ronchamp at Night

Chandigarh A

Chandigarh B

Happy Sun Day!

Christopher Corr / The Rowley Gallery

Frames of reference

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