The Shard

Shard is Open

Christopher Corr painted this picture to celebrate the opening of the Shard, London’s newest, tallest building. For the past few years we’ve watched it grow from viewpoints all around the city. The inexorable rise of this arrogant and aggressive spike was impossible to ignore. Now it’s here it has quickly become another iconic landmark on the London skyline. A spire with a view – click to ascend and there’s a great view of it from the river here.

Frames of reference

One thought on “The Shard”

  1. I was there recently, but only because of getting a train from London Bridge. I didn’t realise it was so close! Made me feel a bit nostalgic for the scuzzy front of the old LB, with it’s buses and taxis and dingy air. It was all a bit depressingly corporate, with an All Bar One chain. Actually come to think of it I hope some bright spark documented it all.

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