Trees On Leaves

Gingko tree-leaf

I’m fascinated by the structural qualities of leaves. The veins convey the lifeblood to the leaf and often echo the physical structure of the tree – trunk, branches, twigs – in miniature. These fractal-like qualities inspired me to paint trees on dried leaves, which were collected last autumn. Some were pressed, while others were left to dry in their natural shape.

Swedish whitebeam tree-leaf blowing

Black poplar leaf-tree 3D

Swedish whitebeam tree-leaf pressed

Maple tree-leaf

Hawthorn leaf-tree

Swedish whitebeam tree-leaf 3D

Oak tree-leaf 3D

I have some paintings to show at a forthcoming open art exhibition in Holland Park. It’s a mixture of trees, and cemetery sculptures in watercolour. Everyone welcome!

tree painting hornbeam wood and sinew
Art Exhibition organised by The Friends of Holland Park
Held at The Orangery, Holland Park London W8
Saturday 16th April 1-6pm and Sunday 17 to Sunday 24th April 10.30am – 6pm
Admission free

Frames of reference

2 thoughts on “Trees On Leaves”

  1. Hello ! It’s amazing and very inspiring !

    Can you tell us what did you use to paint on it ? Is it chinese ink, watercolor, posca ?

    Thank you for sharing this with us !

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