More Miniatures

Lego Pompidou

Christopher Corr has been sending us photographs of miniature buildings. If he spots one he snaps it and it joins the collection. This is a Lego version of the Pompidou Centre seen at the Royal Academy’s Richard Rogers exhibition. Continue reading “More Miniatures”

Frames of reference

Tree Of Heaven (Slight Return)

hilgrove road (2) nw6

Early one morning driving to work, lamenting the loss of our tree-of-heaven (it was the morning the tree feller was coming back to poison the shoots that were springing up all over our yard), I began to notice previously overlooked trees-of-heaven by the roadside. I’d not realised there were so many. Now I was seeing them everywhere. It seemed like an epidemic. Continue reading “Tree Of Heaven (Slight Return)”

Frames of reference

Tree Of Heaven


This is The Rowley Gallery joiners shop in the summer of 2012, a black wooden shed perched on the flat roof of the ground floor workshop. Access is by spiral staircase and it’s where I join picture frames. It sits in the shelter of a towering tree-of-heaven, Ailanthus altissima, which in my early days here I remember as a self-sown seedling. No-one paid it too much attention, but before long I loved its dappled light in summer, and in winter I measured the sky through its mesh of branches. Continue reading “Tree Of Heaven”

Frames of reference