More Miniatures

Lego Pompidou

Christopher Corr has been sending us photographs of miniature buildings. If he spots one he snaps it and it joins the collection. This is a Lego version of the Pompidou Centre seen at the Royal Academy’s Richard Rogers exhibition.

Old London Bridge

London Bridge detail

This is a model of the old London Bridge on permanent display at the church of St Magnus the Martyr.

Rogers show

Rogers show lego

Rogers Lego models

These are more Lego models at the Richard Rogers exhibition Inside Out at the Royal Academy.

Bird houses

More bird houses

This is Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven in Duncan Terrace Gardens by London Fieldworks.

Chinese birdhouse

Fancy bird house Hudson

Bird houses & Light houses

Birdhouses for sale

Birdhouses in Massachusetts

These five are, from the top, Chinese birdhouse, fancy birdhouse in Hudson, birdhouses & lighthouses, birdhouses for sale, birdhouses in Massachusetts and then below there’s a Birdhouse In Your Soul by They Might Be Giants. With buildings this small we might all be giants.

Frames of reference

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