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Jonny Hannah‘s new book, Greetings From Darktown, has finally arrived, and it’s worth the wait. It’s an adventure book for the eyes, a cornucopia of delights, a cryptic catalogue of signs and wonders, and best of all there’s this feast of visual treats, a double page spread of Jonny’s Jackets again.

Further reference: The Darktown Courier.

Frames of reference

Greetings From Darktown

greetings from darktown

Here’s a welcome poster from Jonny Hannah, a timely reminder that the end is nigh, not long to wait now until the publication of his eagerly awaited book, Greetings from Darktown. It promises to be a rich treasury of many and various eye-catching mementos and proclamations. Continue reading “Greetings From Darktown”

Frames of reference